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Honey Bee Nucs

We are sold out for the 2020 season


These bees are great honey producers. Currently, our bees are in East Texas and will be shipped and ready for pickup in Saint Cloud, MN after May 10th, 2020, depending on the weather. Nucs consist of young (2020) queen, 4 frames of drawn comb with eggs/brood, nectar, pollen plus enough bees to cover all 4 frames. We do not do pollination so these are healthy bees. Ready to move frames to your permanent hive when you get home.

Queens are a mix of genetics from MN Hygienic, and Mike Palmar overwintered queens from cold northern Vermont. From these, we select for honey production and calm gentle bees. Finally, nuc queens are grafted from this selected stock.

The cost for each nuc is $140 and a $30 Refundable Deposit for Nuc Box. We will email you pick up dates and times as when we get closer to May.

To place an order, use the button below to pay a deposit of $20.00 or download, print and mail a 2020 Nuc Order Form in with your deposit, the remainder is due when you pick up. Include an email address so we can send an electronic receipt and notify you of pick up dates and times. 

If you would like to pay with cash or check, please email me your information and mail check to the address below.

We do not share/sell customer information.

White Honey Tree Farm
3504 13th Ave SE
Saint Cloud, MN 56304


If you have any questions, please Facebook message or call Clay at 320-761-8858.

4 Frame Bee Nuc

$140.00 + 30.00 refundable box deposit = 170.00 plus tax.

Pay now


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